Invoicing and Billing

WVU has adopted an online billing system so that students can receive real-time information about their account. Students can view all charges and payments by reviewing their STAR account.

Many employers have tuition payment or reimbursement plans. Students who need to present an updated invoice for employer reimbursement can easily obtain one via the STAR system (see instructions below). Employers who want to be billed directly can make arrangements with WVU Online and Extended Campus.

To obtain the latest invoice

  1. After the first billing for the academic term has been mailed, the charges will immediately show up on the web.
  2. Students can log on the web and print a copy of their charges. (Note: students who have tuition waivers should make sure all waivers have been posted. If your waiver has not been posted, contact the Office of Graduate Programs at (304) 293-7173 right away.)
  3. To obtain a corrected invoice, go to STAR.
  4. Log-in using your WVU ID and password. To find your WVU ID, go to Once you're in STAR, you can find your current billing status under Student Records.

To obtain a corrected invoice

Log-in to your STAR account for the most current information.

Note: All students can use this to check and see when any arrangements/waivers have been processed.

Paying Your Bill

You can make a payment using any of the following payment methods with no additional fees added:

  • Debit Card (Please use the Electronic check option online to avoid fees)
  • Personal check (by mail or in person)
  • Cashier’s check (by mail or in person)
  • Money order (by mail or in person)
  • Cash (in person only)

You can also pay with a credit card. Note: A 2.25% processing fee will be assessed on all credit/debit card transactions.

Making Arrangement for Employers to Pay

All invoices must be paid before the first day of the term even if an employer is paying the bill. Some employers are willing to pay for a student’s tuition and fees in advance but they require an invoice detailing the charges.

  1. Employer must send a letter (on company letterhead) to WVU Online and Extended Campus, P.O. Box 6800, Morgantown, WV, 26506.
  2. The letter must include authorization for WVU to bill the company for the student, last four digits of social security number, and the address where WVU should send the invoice. The letter must indicate what the employer is willing to pay - for example: 50% of invoice, 100% tuition and fees, or the amount the company is willing to pay). If the employer is paying less than 100% the student must arrange to pay the balance before the first day of the term.
  3. This letter should accompany student registrations every term. WVU Online and Extended Campus views this as payment for the course(s), and forwards it to the WVU Office of Student Accounts for processing.

Note: Pre-registrations will solve this problem prior to the first billing. However, students do not always know what courses will be offered in time to take advantage of pre-registration.

If you have questions about your bill contact us at 1-800-253-2762.

Refund Request

Appeals for refund of student charges should be sent to and copy WVU Online and Extended Campus at Appeals should be filed with in 14 days of the event. Please follow up with WVU Online and Extended Campus if you do not receive a response within 2 business days at 1-800-253-2762 or

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