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  • At WVU Online, we are here to help you take that next step toward your educational and career goals. We offer several resources to ensure you have what you need to be successful in your WVU Online program.

    Accessibility Services

    WVU Online is committed to providing an equal opportunity to all students. Alongside the Office of Accessibility Services, we work with students who have documented disabilities to ensure that a diverse and inclusive online learning environment is maintained.

    Accessibility Services

    Financial Aid

    The Financial Aid Office at WVU is here to help you receive the funding you need to earn your online degree. Information regarding scholarships, grants and loans is also available on their website along with all of the necessary forms and information you need to get started.

    Financial Aid


    WVU Libraries offer all of the resources and information that you need to be successful in your online program. Everything from databases to e-books, journal articles and research guides are available at the touch of a button.

    Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem. WVU Librarians are available by phone or live chat every day. You can even text your questions to a librarian.

    WVU Libraries Live Chat

    Student Accounts

    The Office of Student Accounts makes it easy to pay your tuition online and even allows you to set up a monthly payment plan to pay your bill in installments. The staff members are also available to assist you and answer any tuition or payment related questions.

    Student Accounts

    Student Family Resources

    The decision to continue your education comes with great responsibility. Exams, projects and other deadlines along with a full or part-time career is enough to overwhelm any student. When you add parenting to that list of responsibilities, it can sometimes seem impossible. WVU is dedicated to providing access to child care, child care financial assistance and other programs to help you balance life as a successful student and parent. Please visit the Student Family Resources website for more information.

    Student Family Resources


    WVU students should familiarize themselves with WVU Portal and eCampus. These two resources allow you to access course materials, WVU announcements and your student email account.

    WVU Portal eCampus


    WVU cares about your health and well-being. From healthy eating tips to information on sexual health, anxiety and depression, WELLWVU has you covered. For online students, they offer liveWELL applications for your smart device and are constantly updating their social media accounts to provide you with your daily dose of health information. Visit the website for more.


    WVU Bookstore

    The WVU Bookstore has all of the textbooks you need to ensure your success. Find all of the course materials you are looking for each semester with the click of a mouse.

    Course Materials

    We get it. Textbooks are expensive. West Virginia University understands the cost associated with required textbooks and has offered some solutions. Renting your textbooks is one option. This allows you to use your book for the time needed and return it once you are done–and for a fraction of the cost to buy them!

    Textbook Rentals

    As an online student, digital content is something that you are very familiar with. So, why not download e-textbooks? Electronic textbooks also allow you to search for keywords and access multi-media content for an even deeper understanding.

    Electronic Textbooks


    Login is the identity management system used by WVU and many WVU affiliates. It ensures that each person has a unique set of credentials to gain access to numerous University systems, including eCampus, Libraries, MyAccess, Portal, WVU+kc and WVU.Encrypted wireless. Students must claim their WVUID in order to register for classes, login to eCampus, etc.

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